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His First Years.
Diego Shaalo was born the 17 of May of 1980 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Son of Roberto and Lily, has three smaller sisters: Mariana, Giselle and Laura. It attended the primary school in Washington School and the secondary one in the tecnic school ORT. Although their parents dedicated their life to a textile company, Diego apostatized of the atmosphere of the commerce. Always it felt that it wanted to be something more than that and was not a chance that already to the 12 years begins to get passionate with the cinema. It was not either a coincidence that him from very little importance to its secondary studies while all the boys dedicated themselves to study, he along with went his time watching films and filming homemade videos another companion of the school. First of those short ones it was "Kid Fighter" in 1994, later they came "Operation Blow" and "Thanks to the Sky" in that same year. In 1995 they filmed "Political Subjects" and Diego already made act to all his friends and companions in the videos. When the mass media specialty began in the secondary one, Diego acquired knowledge and materials that benefitted it at the time of producing "Pay day", a short one that surpassed the espectativas of all those that they partiparon in the production since it emitted itself by the cable channel "To return" and was very well accepted by the hearing. Already in 1999; Diego founded DRS productions and began to create productions of better quality like "Empolvados" (in 1999) and "Unprotected World" (in the 2000). By the end of that same year, and after a period of impasse returned to eet again itself with its old companion of the secondary one who summoned it like actor for a new production which I am called "the Death and Son" and that was produced by the CIC (Research center Cinematografica). Actualmante Diego continues studying and hopes a new opportunity to return to create and to take ahead a new project.

The Company.
Some of the films that more inspired to Diego to believe in which wanted to do went "Back to the Future", "Terminator", "Die Hard", "The Fugitive", "Schlinder List", "Forrest Gump", "The Shawshank Redemption", "Brave Heart", and "Titanic". With time, Diego was excited every time but with the cinema, and is why nowadays he wants to enchant the public as he enchanted himself seeing all type of movies. In 1998 after the success of "Pay day", Shaalo decided to break contact with "WILLIAM Productions" to thus form his own producer, that baptized like "DRS Productions". From they arose there new shortfilms like "Empolvados", or "Unprotected World".
Later, Diego began to be summoned to present/display his works in international cinema festivals like "Psyco Fiction" in Spain and "CINENCUADRE" in Mar del Plata.
Anyone of the shortfilms you prune them to request by mail or if not leaving a message in our Guestbook.

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