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Forever Shaalo...

Because it has fought by his objectives and convictions, because it has filmed several productions, because he is owner of a talent that single few have, because it has offered good messages him to the public, because he always advanced towards his goal (The Films); by all this and much more it is that Diego Shaalo deserved east space on the net.
The life of a young producer.
Aside from knowing all Diego´s works, also we will be able here to find out some aspects of his life. All the mysteries of this enigmatic personage will be revealed in this space of the Web. Who is? What does? What did? Its triumphs, their failures, their projects, their biography and photos.

The Productions
Some of the productions that made well-known to Diego Shaalo within the world of the spectacle is "Pay day", "Unprotected World" and "Retire Day". "Pay day" was very well accepted by the TV program "The Usher". "Unprotected World" was convocated to participate in several international cinema festivals like "Psyco Fiction" in Spain and Cinencuadre in Mar del Plata. In "Retire Day" he work with a group of important tv actors.
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